Hello Again From NE5DX. As not to bore,

Here are Only A Few Pictures of the Cleanup of a

Recent "Find",  A Hallicrafters R-274/FRR

of 1952 Vintage.


Here it is in the "as found" condition. Filthy and Dirty,  full of insect droppings and many layers of grunge. It's pretty well intact but missing the dial bezel.  One of numerous "unobtainable" parts. There are so few of  these receivers, available parts are rarely seen.


Hammarlund HT-37

Here you can see the grunge level clearly.


Collins T-47A/ART-13

    A better shot of the cast aluminum support for the tuning capacitor and and tuning turret plus the other side of the chassis.  This was typical of the entire radio.

Here's a couple more...


Another good reason for a restoration is clearly seen in this shot.  All knobs are present and although nasty, they are in great condition. The meter is intact and works perfect, generally they are crap. If you're lucky it was replaced, many failed.  The missing bezel isn't the end of the world, it can be duplicated fairly easily with limit skills.  Faded paint can be brought back to life with a little luck too.


The underside is much cleaner and likewise unmolested. You can clearly see a feature of only a scant few very high end receivers of that era, the "turret" type tuning system.  It's similar (but much larger) to the old style "click click" type tuners found in early televisions.


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