Welcome To "Heavy Metal"

"Kilo Alpha 5 Hot Rod Ford"


After a total remake of the Hot Rod Ford shack, a good half ton of transmitters were temporarily replaced by a single AM broadcast rig weighing in as much as a small elephant! - In comes the Collins 20V-3 broadcast transmitter, rescued from retirement. This is REAL Heavy Metal!! Those BC-610's it replaced are lighweight doorstops by comparison!




And according to Butch, an AM transmitter is not a "REAL" AM transmitter if you can't stand up in it!!..

A nice view of the meters on the big Collins.


Here's a very good view of the 2 modulator tubes in the Collins. It's a pair of 4-400's.


Another pair of 4-400's are used as finals in the 20V-3. Of course they are just "idling along" since the actual ouput is locked down a bit below full legal.